Contract REJECTED Nationwide

Lynn Votes NO!  Tentative Agreement Rejected!

Members of Local 201 in Lynn, MA and Local 301 in Schenectady, NY voted to REJECT the Tentative Agreement between the IUE and the General Electric Company yesterday.  We are awaiting communication from IUE-CWA for more details, including the final tally from all IUE-CWA GE sites.  For now, report to work as usual and prepare for a strike.  Neither side has served a termination letter, meaning we are still working under our National Agreement per the contract:

Article XXXII “Modification and Termination” section (b): “If settlement is not reached by June 23rd 2019…this National Agreement shall continue in full force and effect until the tenth day following written notice given by either Company or the Union of its intention to terminate such Agreement, during which time there shall be no strike or lockout”.

THE 201 POLICY BOARD IS 100% UNITED AROUND THE MEMBERSHIP “NO” VOTE ON THE TENTATIVE AGREEMENT.  This was a Nationwide Rejection, the first since 1969, and we are preparing for a nationwide strike of all IUE-CWA GE Conference Board locals. We encourage all members to do the same.  Should the Company and Union not agree to return to the bargaining table, we will march unified into a strike for a fair contract.

July 11th Flag Pole meeting BLDG. 63 Parking Lot @ 3am, 11:42am & 7pm.

- Local 201 Policy Board -

July 10th, 2019 12:30pm