COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update #4 (GE LYNN)

Update #4 Information on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic for Local 201 members - March 18, 2020

GE Update                                                                              

The Company’s response to this virus has been slow, and the Union has steadily proposed solutions to the Company. However, through bargaining at the Local and GE-IUE Conference Board level the Union has managed to get some language to protect members, outlined in yesterdays Update #3.  No occurrences for absences due to coronavirus as approved by the Company (Tell your supervisor, call HR), 14 paid days for those in quarantine from exposure, and TLOWS in the event of a shutdown.  However, this is not enough.

We are very concerned about members that face the highest risk in the plant. Including those that are immunocompromised or have personal or family medical conditions that could be made worse through exposure to COVID-19.  If you or a family member have a medical condition that could be complicated by exposure to the virus, we ask you to call Human Resources for excused absence.  The Unions position is that this absence should be paid, though we have no update from the Company on our proposal.

As the Union stated previously, we feel evaluating at risk members on a case by case basis is a cumbersome process prone to delays and error in a time that demands bold and swift action. However, timing can be critical so we will do our best with what we have. Currently, that’s looking at this on a case by case basis. SO:  If you are missing work due to childcare issues, eldercare issues, or any other fallout from the pandemic please contact Human Resources as soon as possible. If you have a medical condition that puts you at greater risk and need excused absence, please notify Human Resources.  After notifying the Company, call the Union Hall at 781-598-2760 so we can continue to advocate for you.    

We have heard from many members that worry about what protecting their family will do to their paycheck.  We feel that paid leave is the appropriate solution. NO PERSON SHOULD HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN PAYING THEIR BILLS AND PUTTING THE PUBLIC AT RISK! We will all do what we have to do to put the health and safety of our members and their families first. 

The Company has reportedly distributed disinfectant for machines, workstations, shop floor computers, etc.  Make sure everyone in your area knows where to find it. Wash your hands frequently.  Practice Social Distancing (6ft.).  If you are sick or have been exposed to someone that’s sick, report it to the Company and stay home. Do your best to keep our community and families safe.  We are in this together.

We will keep you informed of ongoing developments.

 In Solidarity,

- Local 201 E-Board -