COVID-19 Update 2 March 16th

Local 201 Update #2 on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Discussions

March 16, 2020 5:00pm 

On Friday March 6th the Union Requested information and bargaining over a number of issues in regards to COVID-19, including those outlined in our previous update.  The Unions position is that this public health crisis should not lead to discipline or loss of pay for our Members that are sick or caring for their families. The Union offered several proposals last Friday March 13th to GE to deal with anticipated and ongoing issues related to the pandemic.  The Company gave notice they would have some type of response today Monday March 16th at 8am.  As of the time of this writing, no update or response from the Company has been provided.  This lack of communication is irresponsible.

Other companies have offered increased sick time and commitments to no discipline for going over allotted paid time off.  We have presented the Company with reasonable proposals, and await response.

We know of no reported cases of the virus in the plant.  Rumors about any type of shut down are currently just rumors.  In the event of a shut down the Union would fight to protect the jobs and pay of members. We are not there yet.  We are currently asking for clear policies to encourage the sick to stay home, protect those with increased health risk, and deal with the childcare crisis caused by school closures, along with other issues brought to our attention. 

Local 201 is dedicated to protecting the safety, pay, and working conditions of all members.  And will fight for a just and reasonable response to this pandemic. 

The Union has canceled the March 17th Membership Meeting and the March 24th stewards training.  We have cancelled all large meetings at the Union Hall and we are literally banging on the door to get our members the answers they deserve.

In the meantime, please keep this in mind:

“Social Distancing”: Stay 6 feet away from people at all times

If you feel sick, stay home

Punch out 15 minutes early to avoid crowds at shift change 

Wash hands frequently

Report any shortages of gloves, soap, or paper towels.

If you feel unsafe, speak up

If you require time off due to the pandemic and are out of approved time, call the Union Hall.


Adam Kaszynski, President                Bill Maher, Business Agent               Tom O’Shea, Vice President