Negotiation Date Has Been Moved Up To August 4th.

IUE-CWA GE Members:

We have heard from our members; many are anxious for the future, but remain committed to achieving a fair contract. The IUE-CWA represents more GE workers than any other union. Our number one priority has always been, and continues to be, to bargain the best possible contract for our members.

To that end, we have worked to move forward the date to resume bargaining. We will now meet with the Company on August 4th. We will continue to press for a contract that our members will ratify. At this time, we have not issued a ten-day notice to end the current agreement. It is our feeling that our members should be able to continue to work and provide for their families as we continue to bargain.

We are stronger when we stay united. We will post updates as soon as we have further information.

Jerry Carney, Acting Conference Board Chair & the IUE-CWA GE National Bargaining team[0]=68.ARD6KfTOAflnLHJ9WWfuUbX4IJJZUMP5HT9r8PXanI1JIMG1a259uX_R5qVTUbG0vCiUXPtCb6reiDq3KJF_0Esi8RSPmAZIaxoNjzDdhqVxeXWnwIOEpah23m99u_hOxu4kAf6dd6XNo94S_Sna6GFloQm2rZm0fO3DSwkL4FZYX_hiuY17ttZTScXC6DhniDSfp8YKYvSfHScJxop9oN4y_8jl4QAUFurGiXOfWnKRQTOVR1MheMUiMkZN1y3294qNbqnfQrV0ztm9yUql9v6PfSVcgdLhHcb5PAhuJuJA98joDigbDIc0gzB8fliHM-Kq_hVlxFY7Zt7eHGY95WZHhM4IePd86HUqKj4F4JYB18b12uSi16q_VSCmE93JjOpxsFIGFE0vE_DPl3r09dlBySOMbP_es00Dv-lcLgiw-XdPh3pz5hswCYHckQF-NZ3tbMQysdO0vLqLq1dyAdvPIu_Q7I6gThd8FXEczUxUHJdn6GoAmoKZznyBBMWSzQhnT1YqBKHaXr4nqQ