IUE-CWA Local 201


Their was an extension of the deadline for the vaccine mandate announced last week, so the Coordinated Bargaining Committee of each International Union representing GE workers went back to the tabl

*updated 11/2/21, their was a typo on point 3, the date was meant to say December 31st not December 21st. 

Take Action

All IUE-CWA Members that work at GE are encouraged to attend this virtual town hall on September 1st at 7pm.  Register for the event here to reserve your spot. 

"On Saturday morning, July 24, Pedro was involved in an accident at work. There was a series of unfortunate events that resulted in an Arc-Flash, causing serious burns to Pedro. Please donate whatever you can, we are hoping to raise money to help alleviate even just a little bit of their burden."

Deadline: May 17th, 5pm

The first bargaining session has been scheduled for May 27th, 2021.  This survey is so that membership feedback can be brought to the bargaining table by your Negotiating Committee.  Please fill it out and return to your steward or the Union hall by 5pm Monday, May 17th 2021. 
For those that wish to fill out a paper survey, one will be included in the May Edition of the Local 201 News, published May 11th. 

Recent News

The CBC just wrapped up bargaining the effects of the vaccine mandate E.O.  Posted here is the letter from the CBC and the Memorandum of Understanding between the CBC and GE.

*Updated 10/30/21 to include GE's statement on why GE workers fall under E.O. 14042