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In 2021, the membership ratified modifications to the MBW agreement that included a provision to go back to the table by June 2022, “matters such as progression changes, top of market, classification consolidation, the expiration of the agreement, and any other subject the parties mutually agree on shall be discussed”.

Your bargaining committee needs all members input before going into negotiations. Please fill out this survey.

SIGN THE PETITION: GE is actively kicking workers’ family members off their health insurance and testing the waters before our next contract. The company recently did a 3rd party audit to verify dependents were eligible for GE benefits and said “the review is not intended to take away coverage from eligible dependents” but ELIGIBLE DEPENDENTS WERE KICKED OFF. GE is fully capable of adding eligible dependents back on the plan but they are refusing to do so. Demand GE reinstate them, SIGN THE PETITION NOW!

Recent News

After GE's recent announcements to outsource 80+ jobs from our plant while spending $2 billion and the next three years splitting the company apart instead of investing in their unionized domestic workforce, we are calling on members and allies to protest GE's diasterous decisions in Boston and Cambridge on February 14th.

Congressman Moulton Takes Tour of Transfer of Work Affected Areas to Talk to Workers, MA Congressional Delegation Demands More from GE

Media Coverage:


Boston Herald, "Union leaders: General Electric plans to offshore 80 jobs from its Lynn facility"

What we Built in 2021, Where We Are Going in 2022

This year we built a coalition of 100 union, political, faith based, business, and community leaders and put GE on notice with a full page ad in the Boston Globe

Kids and parents can talk to Santa on Zoom December 22nd from Noon to 6pm, just click here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85116591417. You will be in line to talk to Santa personally!