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We will be holding the November 17th Membership meeting online over the Zoom video conference platform at 12:30 and 3:30pm.  *Please scroll to the bottom for an important notice of a vote added to

Thanksgiving Dinners on November 26, 2020

"We want to keep working, but we want to do it safely!"

Local 201 is advocating for Supplies, Sanitizing, Six Feet, Sick Days, and Serving the Public

We get too many reports of periodic shortages of cleaning supplies, Personal Protective Equipment, sanitizer, soap, cleaning spray bottles, and rubber gloves.  We work with metal, cardboard, and other surfaces where the virus can live for long periods of time.  We need access to proper supplies at all times.


Update #5 on COVID-19 Discussions with GE Lynn

March 19, 2020. 5:00pm

Talks with GE are not going well.  The GE Riverworks Plant in Lynn is currently an unsafe working environment.

The Company’s response to those that have medical conditions that make the virus even more dangerous are told to use their vacation and sick time and file a short-term disability claim if they require more time out.

Update #4 Information on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic for Local 201 members - March 18, 2020

GE Update                                                                              

Discussions on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update #3 (GE Lynn)

March 17th 2020, 12:30pm

Late this morning we heard back from GE.  Discussions are ongoing as the situation changes frequently. We are still pursuing concerns and questions.  However, we wanted to update the membership as soon as possible.

Q: How will payment of employees be handled in the case of a facility shutdown?

A: Temporary Lack of Work (TLOW) with layoff benefits, including continued healthcare coverage per the benefit program.

Local 201 Update #2 on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Discussions

March 16, 2020 5:00pm 

Tomorrow's March 17th  Monthly Membership Meeting is postponed until further notice.